Ford Fairmont BF Ghia MK2 --- Hi-End Audio

Ford Fairmont BF Ghia MK2 --- Hi-End Audio
Ideal for the long drive between South Australia and Queensland.
Or just parked in your garage with a drink.

Nakamichi (Japan) MB-X 24bit source.
Celestra (Italy) VA-210 2 x 100 WRMS and DA-2k 600 WRMS Monoblock
AVI FRM-160 160mm woofer and HF-30D 30mm dome tweeter.
a/d/s (USA) A12s 12" 300 WRMS subwoofer.

A lot of time was spent installing this system. From damping speaker enclosures like the front doors and trunk to building custom audiophile crossovers and twisted pair cable to match.

Have a listen with a good pair of headphones or speaker system.