AVI EL-250 10 inch Subwoofer

AVI EL-250 10 inch Subwoofer
EL-250, 250 mm (10") Subwoofer Driver.
The AVI EL Series are hand built in Canada.

The AVI EL Series are hand built in our own facility in Canada, using the finest components in the world, and designed with high fidelity as the primary criterion. It is a fortunate coincidence that designing subwoofers for musical accuracy also makes them capable of stunning output levels.

EL Series subwoofers are optimized for small vented enclosures, and may also be successfully applied in 6th order bandpass enclosures or with aperiodic membranes. Alternative enclosures are also possible, and AVI dealers can provide information on enclosure design and construction.

The EL series is a less expensive version of the SL series. It is still a very good sounding subwoofer, with a 60 oz magnet, 24 K gold plated terminals, cast aluminum frame, and a 2" voice coil. It is also for use in a ported enclosure. The suggested operating range for the EL-250 is 33 to 600 Hz.