AVI Express XL 130 mm Component Speaker Set

AVI Express XL 130 mm Component Speaker Set
AVI's XL speaker range - Efficient and dynamic.

XL-130, 130 mm (5.25") Midrange Device.

The XL-130 was designed as an entry level midrange which can handle decent power with good sound quality. Along with the XL-160, they are definitely the best priced speakers for their performance in the market. The XL-Series are only available in a component set, with an 18 dB crossover (with tweeter protection), a pair of HF-25T tweeters, and a pair of matching grills. The XL-130 is designed for good performance sound systems with a suggested operating range of 100 Hz to 8.5 KHz.

HF-25D, 25 mm (1") Dome Tweeter.

The HF-25D is newly designed for high power use. The neodymium magnet is twice as big, yet the mounting hole remains the same size as the HF-25T (45 mm). This is a tweeter for very high performance 2, 3 or 4 way sound systems. The suggested operating range is 3 KHz to 17 KHz., and the minimum crossover frequency is 3 KHz.