AVI Ultimate LXD 100mm Component Speaker Set

AVI Ultimate LXD 100mm Component Speaker Set
4" LXD100 Midbass 1" HF25D Tweeters Crossovers and Grills

LXD-100, 100 mm (4") Midbass Device
The LXD-100 looks identical to its twin, the MXD-100. However, the difference has to be heard.
It too, can easily work 125 W RMS! This is a midbass designed for very high performance sound systems, and the operating range is suggested at 120 Hz to 8 KHz.

100 Hz to 8.5 KHz at -10 dB points, without crossover.
180 Hz to 5 KHz at -3 dB points, without crossover.
85 watts music program material.
60 watts AES pink noise rating.
89 dB average, at 1 watt and 1 meter, in half space.
4 ohm nominal, 3.1 ohm minimum.

Cast aluminum frame with cavity vents, black finish.
Vented pole piece with integrated bottom plate.
Both top and bottom plates with CNC and black absorbing finish.
Black PP Mica cone with composite rubber edge.
358 g (12.6 oz) magnet.
35 mm (1.4") aluminum ribbon voice coil.

102 X 102 mm (4" X 4") overall size.
53 mm (2.1") overall depth without grille.
99 mm (3.9") cut out hole diameter.
48 mm (1.9") mounting depth.
0.92 Kg (2 lbs) weight.

HF-25D Tweeter
Newly designed for high power use. The neodymium magnet is twice as big, yet the mounting hole remains the same size as the HF-25T (45 mm). This is a tweeter for very high performance 2, 3 or 4 way sound systems. The suggested operating range is 3 KHz to 17 KHz., and the minimum crossover frequency is 3 KHz.