Nakamichi MB-VI RDS Tuner 6 CD Aux Input

Nakamichi MB-VI RDS Tuner 6 CD Aux Input
Nakamichi MB-VI combines product innovation and state-of-the-art technology,
producing the best styling and superior sound performance that would satisfy
even the most discerning audiophile enthusiasts.

An in-dash receiver with an integral 6-disc CD changer. Nakamichi Mobile MusicBankTM changers have revolutionized automatic CD playback, adopting a slot-loading mechanism that has brought a new level of convenience to car CD changer operation. Furthermore, successive generations of the MusicBankTM mechanism have brought about a significant reduction in size and complexity.

The ergonomic front panel layout with a unique Rotary Encoder Type controller makes it user friendly. Its understated matte-black finish blends into virtually any car dashboard. An unique feature – partial eject – gives added disc protection and operating convenience.

Designed to provide absolute convenience and the ultimate in sound quality, the MB-VI optimizes listening pleasure with style.