Nakamichi MB-X - RDS Tuner 6 CD 24-BIT DAC.

Nakamichi MB-X - RDS Tuner  6 CD  24-BIT DAC.
A Sophisticated Luxury Car Audio System that has Technological
Superiority and is a Pleasure to Use

MB-X Music Bank is the world’s first in-dash receiver with an integral 6-disc CD changer, 4-Channel Amplifier and remote control. Packed with a host of features such as a rotary encoder, dimmer circuit interlocked with the illumination control of the car and sound filter for improved sound quality, the MB-X delivers perfect sound quality.

With the MB-X, Nakamichi has once again successfully combined product innovation and advanced technology to produce yet another superior In-Car Entertainment System.

The MB-X incorporates an advanced PLL synthesizer tuner section with 18 FM and 12 AM station presets. Features such as high resolution 24-bit D/A converter, 4-channel high power amplifier and 4 low-level RCA preamp outputs provide premium sound performance that would satisfy even the most discerning audiophile.

Designed to fit into a standard single-DIN dashboard and fitted with a detachable front panel, this latest offering in car audio entertainment is finished with an understated yet sleek matte black front panel. The attractive front panel layout is fitted with a unique Rotary Encoder Type controller, making it user friendly while the nine colour illumination option allow for an unprecedented degree of customization to the vehicle’s interior. With illumination that adjusts itself to varying light conditions, nighttime glare is minimized with the MB-X. Moreover, the illumination is sync with the car’s dimmer to provide the perfect choice of ambience giving the driver absolute control over one’s personal space.

Using the MB-X is easy with Nakamichi’s proven and highly refined Direct Loading Mechanism which ensures convenient and reliable operation without the need for magazines or trays. The MB-X is also fitted with a Double Eject Mechanism with automatic reloading after 15 seconds. As the MB-X’s MusicBank mechanism handles discs only by their edges, whether they are being moved or stored within the changer, there is absolutely no contact with the disc surface and no possibility of damage. A unique Partial Eject feature further prevents accidental contact with the disc-playing surface. A gentle push is all that is needed to safely remove the partially ejected disc.